We fund and create attractive sites in premium locations
  • Working with you to create a unique poster scheme for your city
  • Our city-wide schemes are proven, professional and reliable
  • We partner with councils up and down the country

CCP Philosophy

CCP is much more than a poster scheme. On one level we do exactly that, funding the construction and operation of a city-wide network of tidy and attractive designated street poster sites and structures. Offering media space at affordable rates to the arts, small business and local groups who want to promote themselves next to high profile events, advertisers and brands, without the prohibitive price tag.

However, an equally important part of what we do is working closely with you at council level to develop ways of using those sites for community initiatives benefiting government and residents. For example, allocating free space for culture. Giving local artists their own open-air gallery, setting up temporary sites for local festivals or using space for a city-wide competition to discover new design or writing talent. Supporting local enterprise, adding colour to the streetscape and showcasing the rich and varied cultural mix on offer.

An evolving partnership

CCP’s main drive is to forge a meaningful public-private partnership with councils. Working with you to develop a successful and evolving communications platform which injects credibility and vibrancy to the city in an imaginatively controlled way.

Our commitment to you

CCP help control illegal fly-posting, tagging and graffiti. Securing derelict sites and giving new purpose to the city’s empty shop fronts. Even just temporarily, until the property becomes re-occupied. Click here to see our cleandown gallery.

Our commitment to you
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