Its an amazing idea! Its like art street and it opens children’s minds to art
  • London Premiere site
    CCP kickstarted the transformation of this visually neglected street level facade opposite a key London music venue, creating an inspiring and colourful feature of the area.
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CCP in London

For its first landmark installation in London, CCP secured an agreement with the owner of this commercial/residential development in Kentish Town, North london. Finished several years previously, the owner had had difficulty letting the ground floor retail space, which over time had fallen into a fairly shabby condition, much to the consternation and dismay of local residents and businesses alike.

The location of this site, which straddles two main roads heading north (and south) was ideal for CCP as it provided a location adjacent to a popular music venue (The Forum) and was in an area that was slowly being regenerated and revitalised, to which this development would contribute.

CCP invested a great deal of time, effort and money into the external renovation of the site – and after procuring planning permission from the local authority (Camden Council) the resulting work encompassed;

  • ‚Ä¢ The repainting of all visible existing hoarding
  • ‚Ä¢ The design, printing and installation of location specific high quality panels
  • ‚Ä¢ Utilisation of available space for locally relevant Sideways Glance photographs
    and design panels (produced to an exceptional quality)
  • ‚Ä¢ Retention of Estate agent signage
  • ‚Ä¢ Removal of graffiti

We are particularly proud of the location specific panels, as these were sourced and designed in-house to reflect the local character and unique resources to the area, such as Parliament Hill lido, a panel about the musical heritage of the Tally – Ho pub on which this site was built, and also striking A Sideways Glance images. Finally we designed and installed local bus and train information to help crowds getting home from The Forum of a night.

We also surveyed local businesses and passers by to this site to gauge the reception our renovations had – they were entirely positive;

“Its an amazing idea! Its like art street and it opens children’s minds to art”

“Much better than before – nice to see space being used”

“Before it was boring now its much better”

“Its nice to see a vibrant wall on the way to work”

We’re proud to have bought the CCP method to London, and delighted to have seen it to be embraced in this first instance by the local authority and public alike. It also shows the full spectrum of respectful working practices and project services CCP provides in its installations.

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