A Sideways Glance

A Sideways Glance is an exciting work in progress project set up between CCP, Non Stop Advertising and photographer Martin Gray, who has a library of unique and striking images built up over many years showing many facets of Glasgow life.

  • Martin has had exclusive access to the Barrowlands music venue and Barras market over the years ‚Äì both part of Glasgow‚Äôs music and street market heritage.
  • This enormous library of images is now being sourced for the most striking photographs to use on a range of specially selected sites across Glasgow.
  • The images will be used as backdrops alongside advertising structures and vinyl window installations across the city ‚Äì adding extra artistry to the cityscape.
  • This format could easily be expanded city by city.

April 20, 2013 | Filed under Glasgow.

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