We offer affordable small format media space
  • Fence hoarding sites provide activity and stimulate
    the local environment
  • Empty
    shop front renovation, bringing to life with colour
    and interest
  • Drums,
    a small footprint with large impact
  • Lamp Post Wraps, even smaller footprint, but placed exactly where needed

formats & locations

CCP collaborate with councils up and down the UK, to create unique poster schemes with structures and sites tailored to each individual city. Whilst locations and formats may vary, the core scheme philosophy remains the same – to offer affordable small format media space to small business, the arts and local councils.

Our sites

Every city is unique and our schemes respect local sensitivities and the needs of diverse neighbourhoods. In Cardiff, we developed a curved steel structure in collaboration with local councils. Sheffield prefers smart hoardings, whilst other cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow favour shop-front sites, framed hoardings and drums.


We can transform old and new building site hoardings from a prohibitive, functional barrier to a colourful, useful and inclusive publicity canvas. This method can be applied to any hoarding and is particularly effective around derelict and deserted building land projects.

Shop fronts

Working with owners, local communities and councils we can raise the visual appeal of medium to long term closed retail and commercial premises. We might not singlehandedly be able to stop the “Death of the high street”, but we can certainly make it look a lot better with our tailored vinyl & poster installations.


We can provide a complete service for this very recognisible and long established format, which can be used for a mixture of localised advertising and if required, local council and public information messages.

Lamp Post Wraps

If you would like to create a highly visible and effective campaign. Promoting in a specified area towards a target audience – we can offer numerous methods of getting your campaign message out beyond the website and limited display space in public buildings such as our highly effective lamp post wraps.

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