We partner with councils up and down the country and work within a licensed partnership framework

Working with CCP

Who We Are

CCP are an independent outdoor organisation. Set up to work in partnership with councils to provide a mature and credible outlet for local advertising, promotions and youth culture. Discouraging anti-social forms of marketing such as flyposting and stickers. We have been building City Centre Poster schemes across the country for 10 years, making us the leading specialist operator.

Working with CCP
Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh. Council led community advertising and art project.

Our Mission

To offer affordable outdoor advertising space to local and popular brands at street-level, ending the adversarial issues surrounding the control of fly-posting. We took the opportunity to create a collaborative public/private solution to make outdoor advertising a powerful marketing tool that is available to all.

Our Credentials

We are members of the OMC (formerly the Outside Advertising Association) and have developed successful schemes in Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Sheffield. In Edinburgh we also operate council-approved street advertising for the annual Fringe Festival, where our monitoring and removal of illegal fly-posting during and after the five week event saves the council an estimated £100k each year.

We create attractive sites in premium locations, but also create screening structures on derelict land and rundown private properties which would otherwise be an eyesore. Tidying and renovating the vicinity, helping kick-start a general rejuvenation of blighted areas.

Helped transform this site from an inner city eyesore
to a mutually beneficial asset
Steve Cooper - City Centre Management Team, Sheffield City Council

How We Work – Identifying Sites

CCP take advice from councils and local knowledge to identify key areas and problem sites. Working in conjunction with yourselves and private landlords, surveying and suggesting problem solving solutions to quickly reach an agreeable outcome for all.

We mobilise quickly to ideas and requests. All you need do is send us a text or email about an area you’re concerned about and we see what could be done. Rest assured new sites and initiatives are only ever developed after consultation and approval by councils and landlords. Working closely with your Environment Control departments.

Our Clean Down Policy

Our clean down policy makes a real difference. We remove graffiti, stickers and tagging within a 100m clean down zone around CCP sites. This is an integral part of our service, adding to the sense of well being of residents and local businesses. We can also keep visual records for future enforcement policy. Click here to view our clean down gallery.

City Centre Posters - clean downs
City Centre Posters - clean downs
Before and after Easter Road, Edinburgh

Fence & Screen Provision

We create fences and screens in locations you feel might be hazardous, turning them into temporary media sites. Perhaps there is a problem area you’d like us to look at smartening up, or an empty plot you’d like us to screen more safely. We are proud to transform unloved or derelict sites, turning them into smart and attractive media space.

City Centre Posters - clean downs
City Centre Posters - clean downs
Fence and barrier provision Carver Street, Sheffield

Best Practice

We find schemes work best within a licensed partnership framework, with us acting as your eyes and ears on the ground. Administering the existing site network, but also working with you to identify new initiatives and looking for areas of the city which might be improved by the scheme.

The Benefits Of Working With Us


  • We run successful schemes and bring that experience to bear
  • Creating schemes tailored to your local needs and sensitivities
  • We work flexibly within your structures and processes


  • We offer exceptional value media space to the council
  • For you to promote awareness campaigns and initiatives
  • We can also offer a design service for council communications


  • We can offer a free platform to talented residents
  • Encouraging enterprise and creating opportunity for the young


  • You see reduced street-cleansing costs
  • We help you discourage and remove fly-posting & graffiti
  • Creating a tangible improvement in troublesome areas
Local Authorised Advertising Projects Associate membership
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